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A FUNference is the celebration of a mathematician’s 40th birthday. A schedule could look like this:

13:30 Registration
14:00 FUN talk
15:00 FUN talk
15:30 Amazing coffee break
16:15 FUN talk
17:15 FUN performance
17:45 Filz Medal Ceremony
18:00 Amazing Apéro
20:00 Amazing Dinner

A coffee break at a FUNference could consist of amazing pastries, sweets, cheese, very good tea and coffee. The Apéro could consist of caviar, champagne and wodka. A Filz Medal could be made out of felt (German: Filz, pronounced almost like „Fields“) and a special person could give a Laudatio. The people could be asked in advance what they want to contribute financially to have a budget. The talks or performances could address hobbies or characteristic feature of the birthday person. The FUNference could be organized by one or more PhD students of the birthday person.

FUNferences could become a popular thing.