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(bad?) math jokes

According to the majority of my colleagues, there are no good math jokes. Here are my favorites:

Q: What is huge, grey and has integer coefficients?
A: An elephantine equation.

The Bernoulli family walks into a bar. The first one orders a pint, the second orders 2, the third orders 3, etc. ad infinitum. The bartender says, „You guys owe me 1/12 pints.“

A comathematician nverts cotheorems into fee. (I have this one on my coffee mug)

Q: How much money do you have if you can afford to commute?
A: Abelian dollars!

Q: What do you call it when someone hacks into your bank account, steals n dollars, and then deposits n dollars into your bank account?
A: The identity theft.

I never really had a thing for Abel. All his work just seemed too self-centered.

Q: What is a good anagram for Banach-Tarski?
A: Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski.

Q: What kind of maps should you take with you on car trips?
A: Automorphisms.

Do good math jokes exist? Under the axiom of choice, sure. But it’s not possible to find an explicit example.

Q: What does a drowning analytic number theorist say?
A: log log log log log.